De-vegetation involves the removal of unwanted vegetation (Weeds, dangerous or obstructive vegetation etc) from either a structure, slopes or rock faces. This may be done to assist inspection, remove hazards or as a preparation for further works such as the installation of soil nails, rock anchors and/or rock mesh. After de-vegetation the cleared area may be treated with a herbicide to restrict/reduce regrowth.

Derbyshire Geotechnical Ltd has operatives that are fully qualified NPTC Arborist who can safely and efficiently fell (in sections if required) and remove trees/large trees in almost any location and well as operatives that are able to clear vegetation using mechanical means (Hedge Cutters etc) and by hand and applying herbicides thereafter to inhibit regrowth. Operatives are NPTC and NPoRS Qualified and experienced in working in Quarry, Rail and Civil Sites.

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