Rock Face Stabilisation involves the securing of unstable rock faces in a variety of ways.

De-scaling – The removal of loose materials (Rock and overburden) by hand, and for large blocks with airbags, to leave sound rock that requires little further intervention apart for regular inspection.

Installation of Rock Anchors and Dowels – Anchor holes are drilled using either a hand operated pneumatic drill or more frequently a rock drill mounted on a drilling frame or 360 excavator. Strong Steel Anchor Bars (Usually a Galvanised High Yield Steel Gewi Bar) is then inserted into the anchor holes and affixed into place with either a resin or cement grout. These can hold both rock mesh and sections of rock face into place.

Installation of Rockfall Mesh – Held into place by the rock anchors and cables a variety of rock mesh can be installed to secure a rock face.

Derbyshire Geotechnical Ltd has a wealth of experience of installing rock anchors and rock mesh in Quarry, Rail and Civil sites. Our Operatives have a wealth of experience and the company has access to a variety of compressors, rock drills, bespoke drilling mast and frames that can be deployed. In partnership with approved Geotechnical Engineers we can offer bespoke design specification for works and associated PI cover.

Derbyshire Geotechnical Ltd also undertakes inspection, maintenance works and repairs to existing anchor, cable and rockfall mesh installations, as require

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