Soil Nailing is a cost-effective service which Derbyshire Geotechnical Ltd provides for long term stabilisation of over steepened or unstable soil slopes. The tensile strength of the in-situ soil/slope is increased by drilling and grouting in high strength hollow bars anchors in a regular pattern (As dictated by a Geotechnical Engineer).

Soil nails are often installed in conjunction with a facing system where the soil slope is then covered by a rockfall mesh (Secured to the slope by the anchors) a geotextile erosion matting or a combined rockfall mesh and geotextile layer. In such works attention must also be given to ensuring adequate drainage of the slope possibly by installing inclined drains.

As a company Derbyshire Geotechnical Ltd can install both temporary and permanent soil nails, which can be conventional steel, fibre glass and hollow bar self-drilling anchors to offer the best solution for each project. Our skills, experience, and range of bespoke drilling systems allows Derbyshire Geotechnical Ltd to carry out soil nailing in most normally hard to access areas irrespective of height above ground.

In all situations Derbyshire Geotechnical Ltd, supported by a dedicated Geotechnical Engineer can provide a bespoke value-for money design and build solution to an unstable slope.

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